Re: Sunshine 69.4 - ATSF Bx-58

Dennis Williams

Hi Jim.
  Roof was black and the walk was mineral red.  Ends were not black. I built mine with 7 rungs.  
Dennis Williams/ Owner

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Subject: [STMFC] Sunshine 69.4 - ATSF Bx-58
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 7:21 AM


Greetings all;

I am currently building a Sunshine kit #69.4 ATSF Bx-58 boxcar for a friend. I have tried the search function here on the group to see if any discussion has occurred regarding these cars, but have not had any luck. I was hoping to find some pointers to photos for reference. If anyone can help out, especially with a B-end view showing the end ladder (the kit instructions don't provide any indication of exact length of the ladder, only that it was "cut down to 7 rungs").

Also, I would like to confirm that the roof was black, the carlines were black, and the running board was NOT black (unpainted wood or weathered Mineral red?).

Were the ends black (I think not)?

Any insight would be most appreciated.

Jim Harr
Stella Scale Models

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