Re: Sunshine 69.4 - ATSF Bx-58

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 14, 2010, at 7:21 AM, bnpmodeler wrote:

I am currently building a Sunshine kit #69.4 ATSF Bx-58 boxcar for
a friend. I have tried the search function here on the group to see
if any discussion has occurred regarding these cars, but have not
had any luck. I was hoping to find some pointers to photos for
reference. If anyone can help out, especially with a B-end view
showing the end ladder (the kit instructions don't provide any
indication of exact length of the ladder, only that it was "cut
down to 7 rungs").

Also, I would like to confirm that the roof was black, the carlines
were black, and the running board was NOT black (unpainted wood or
weathered Mineral red?).

Were the ends black (I think not)?
I'm sending you, attached to a separate e-mail, an end view which
will answer your questions about the end, as well as a 3/4 taken
shortly after the car was converted from Fe-P. Roof color depends on
the date the car you're modeling was repainted. On all Santa Fe
house cars from ca. 1930 through the mid-1950s, metal roofs were
painted anti-skid black (black car cement with coarse granules mixed
in) and wood running boards were mineral brown, the same as the rest
of the car body. Ends were NOT black. After the mid-1950s, roofs
were painted anti-skid mineral brown, same as the earlier black roofs
except that the coarse granules were mixed into mineral brown paint,
not black car cement. This practice was intended to provide secure
footing for trainmen, so after running boards were removed and
ladders cut down, it was discontinued. I'm not sure what you mean by
carlines, since those were inside the car body, but only the metal
roofs themselves, not the car body eaves, were painted black.

Richard Hendrickson

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