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Gary Ray <garyeray@...>

I purchased the index from Data Train of Texas also and still use it today.
In searching for information, I always got more results using the Datatrain
Index but mine only went to 1994. It covered Model Railroader from 1948,
also Railroad Model Craftsman, Mainline Modeler, Narrow Guage & Shortline
Gazette, Railmodel Journal, Model Railroading, and Trains. I find it
invaluable for searching my hold collection. After the MR Index
disappeared, I tried getting in contact with DataTrain to no avail. The
original documentation has two phone #'s which I tried and an address (not
tried) in Carrollton, TX. It does not list the author of the program. If
the originator of Data Train is Larry Puckett and anyone knows how to
contact him, perhaps he would be interested in updating the program. Even
though it is a DOS program, has worked fine in every version of Windows
including 7. Below is a little history of the Kalmbach data base that
Dennis Storzek sent me after I mistakingly suggested that the MR data base
might have been purchased from DataTrain.

Gary Ray

"Gotta quash this rumor before it spreads. The Model Railroad Magazine Index
was written by a gentleman named Jeff Scherb, and offered free on the web
for several years; first on an amateur telescope web site (hey, the server
space was free) and later hosted on the Accurail web site. When Kalmbach
approached Jeff about buying the software and database, we had great hopes
that they wanted to use it as a front end for a set of MR's on CD, but alas,
such was not to be the case."
Dennis Storzek

"Tim, that sounds like Data Train of Texas, and I think the seller was Larry
Puckett. I too bought that database at the 1991 Denver NMRA National. But I
think someone else was the originator of the database Kalmbach later bought,
because I abandoned Data Train and stopped buying the annual suppliments
when the other one became available online for free."
Tom Madden

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