Re: paint scheme dates for these new Atlas tanks?

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The blurb says these are tanks built up from 1947 through the mid-50s. But
are the paint schemes shown on these cars appropriate for that time period?

Shame on Atlas! Since the second run of these 11,000 gal. cars Atlas has done a very decent job of posting the date a particular style of paint and lettering began to be used by each shipper the cars were decorated for. Why that has not been continued perhaps only the folks at Atlas know. One can only hope it is not a sign that they no longer care about the period or accuracy of the paint styles used.
I have about a dozen of these cars, all properly painted and dated for the time before my late 1948 - early 1949 cut-off date and would not have been able to acquire them as easily had it not been for the information Atlas has provided for each run since the first. Thus I'm saddened to find that such information availability has been dropped.

Don Valentine

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