Re: More questions on GN Boxcar underframe painting and finishing

Bruce Smith

On Jul 15, 2010, at 12:00 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

I suspect most new boxcars in the steam era had unpainted wood floorboards, but Jack Spencer
and Ted Culotta are the only guys I know of who have modeled this feature.

There's probably a few others who enjoy doing this... :-) dssa17065floor.jpg

But Jack's probably the only guy who knows what type of wood was used
on the prototype car, and has modeled it correctly.

Tim O'Connor

That 1950s era X31A floorboard I mentioned to Staffan? I have sliced it into thin wafers. Next step, make boards out of it... for... you guessed it, an HO scale PRR X31A! Given the trouble I am going to to make this floor, you can bet that this particular car will have its doors OPEN! <VBG>


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