Re: GATX Lettering, c. 1950

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 15, 2010, at 9:38 AM, John Golden wrote:


I'm ready to decal an Overland 8k GATX tank car (basicallythe WWI-
era car), and need some help/advice on lettering.

I've noticed in photos--Ted's Tank Car handbook in particular--that
early GATX lettering had a line above and below the GATX reporting
marks. I've also noticed that the lines were eliminated in the
mid-50s. Lettering specifics for GATX cars are not covered in this
or other documents. If I model 1950, what's the appropriate
reporting mark scheme? Lines or no lines?
John, I don't have an exact date but it was about 1945, as best I can
determine from photographic evidence. So the answer depends on how
much you want to weather your model. In 1950, there were still a
bunch of GATX cars around with the lines above and below the
reporting marks and numbers, but they were more less dirty and
weathered. To represent a recently repainted car, you should omit
the lines.

I ordered the Champ GATX decals and there are no lines above/below
the reporting marks in the set. If lines are appropriate for my
era, would anyone know where to get the appropriate decals?
The best GATX decals I know are made by STMFC list member Al Ferguson
in Canada (Black Cat Decals). They're based on photos in my
collection and include a variety of correct dimensional and tank test
data, as well as having reporting marks and number both with and
without lines. The e-mail I have for Al is <ajfergus@...>.

Richard Hendrickson

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