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Richard Townsend

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Thanks for your information. I guess the best we can say is the paint and lettering scheme is "based on" reality. That's something, I guess. I just went down and took a close look at the car. There is a faint "GLOBE" on the bottom of one of the running boards, so I'm guessing it's from Globe, which I understand was an Athearn predecessor. The lettering is poor quality. It will look nice next to my Athearn 3-dome Shell tank car, which was my first post-train-set kit and which I built in about 1960. Maybe I will have a have an "orange tank car" section in the display case.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR


You probably have a Model Die Casting "Old Timer" tank car. The basis for the Hercules p/l scheme on that model can be seen in JMJ Productions video "Vintage Rails Vol. 3", about 6 minutes from the beginning. Seen is HPCX (Hercules Powder Co.) #557, an AC&F type 7 8050 gallon tank car. It has high running boards, safety valve(s?) mounted on the dome side, and the bottom sheet and underframe are painted black.

This looks like 8mm color film from the 1940s. The tank car is being pulled by a Milwaukee Road steam loco and the tank's color seems to match the Milwaukee herald on the tender. They both look orange on the video, but weren't those heralds alway red?

Do you have room in your display case?

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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