Re: Bachmann Announcements at the NMRA 2010 Train Show

Richard Townsend


Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist. While I tend to agree with your assessment of the photographs, they still aren't the actual models. I'll wait to make up my mind. A couple of months age we were criticizing the MTH photos, at least some of which weren't photos of MTH models at all. Now we're looking at photos of something called "first engineering test shots." I draw from that name the conclusion we are not necessarily looking at the models in their final forms. I hope (but not with much conviction) they will not have molded on grabs and ladders. I hope they will be accurate. But without seeing them, or hearing from those who have, I am not willing to decide they are dogs. Yet. Maybe they are being shown in their final forms at the train show as I write this, and one of our brothers will report.

P.S. You've seen lots of galaxies, including the one we're in. <VBG>

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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I've haven't seen any galaxies either except in photographs, but
I can still make out a few details can't I? The photos in Bachmann's
PDF satisified all my curiousity about their freight cars. Not every
new model is worth thinking about, especially a completely redundant
model (this makes the FOURTH plastic HO scale USRA hopper).

Tim O'Connor

A lot of criticism of cars nobody has seen yet. But that's our way, isn't it?
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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