SAL XM-1 Boxcar (B4)

william darnaby

I am assembling a Sunshine SAL XM-1 box, kit 91.9 and it would seem that the UF is incorrect.  The SAL used a non-standard fish-belly UF which the model does have.  However, it is cast with a pair of cross-bearers, one under each door post, which prevents the brake cylinder from lining up with the lever slot in the UF.  In fact, if one were modeling the KC brake version it would be impossible to mount the combined cylinder and reservoir.  The photos in the instructions and those in RP Cyc #18 are muddy and dark in this area.  But if one squints closely as the photos it appears that there is only one cross-bearer centered centered under the door.  This would make sense as there are some sill rivets under the door that would otherwise do nothing and this arrangement would allow mounting of the brake cylinder, especially the KC.  Anybody have better photos that show this or other evidence?
Bill Darnaby

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