IMRC R-30-18's

Steve and Barb Hile

Spent Friday at the NMRA National Train Show. It did not appear
particularly crowded, perhaps the remaining weekend days were better. If
Broadway had a sample of their NYC boxcars, I did not see them. I forgot to
ask about it.

At several dealers I saw R-T-R IMRC R-30-18 at discounted prices and
eventually took one (item number 47403-10) home for about $20. When I
studied the model at home, I understand why it was so discounted. It is a
beautiful model, nicely painted and assembled, BUT the paint and lettering
is quite messed up. It has what comes closest to the March 1952 paint
scheme (per Dick Harley's clinic at last years Naperville meet,) but it has
a red, white and blue Union Pacific Railroad herald and black corner and
center stirrups. Closer examination shows that the SP herald is closer to
the A end on both sides - exactly backwards.

So, my hope is that I can use a Champ or Microscale black and white herald
to cover the multi-colored one and touch up the stirrups. To get the
heralds to the right orientation, It would appear that the only way to do
that will be to remove and switch the two sides. That will move the SP
herald to the B end of each side. If these fixes work, it will be a

Steve Hile

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