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Pieter Roos

That was an excellent article, but I think narrowing the roof was an error. I suspect the sides needed to be off-set out further from the original ends. Can anyone comment on whether the Murphy roof would have been made in different widths?


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Tony, there's a Clark Propst article in Prototype Railroad Modeling Vol. 1
about kitbashing an EJ&E rebuilt USRA boxcar. It uses IM cut down sides and
narrowed roof with Tichy ends and Accurail fishbelly underframe. Another one
of my partially completed projects.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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The discussion of this model prompts me to ask how close the
Tichy kit is to the EJ&E cars of the same ancestry. The photos I have
do not show enough details to be certain, but certainly the overall
look is similar. And Jerry Glow has done decals for that car.

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