Adventures in modeling EJ&E boxcar models

Bill Welch

Influenced as I remember by an article in one of the two books of compilations of their freight cars articles that RMJ published about 1990 (or was that MR'ing), that discussed the postwar steel cars with improved Dreadnaught ends and 10' IH, I lowered the height of a C&BT six-inches by sawing the roof off and reattaching it, reinforcing the carbody with styrene before I started cutting. Much to my surprize I was able to keep everything straight and even. After discarding everything else except the underframe and maybe the trucks, and adding finer body details (using some of the C&BT detail part to plug the holes in the body) and AB brakes, I painted it in the green & orange scheme planning to use the correct Walthers decals.

This was where the model became a challenge. The decals were not opaque enough! I put in a quick order directly to Walthers for two or three more sets, which just happened to be in stock. Then I carefully applied at least two more layers of decals to achieve the proper look. I explained in a note to Walthers what I was doing and the person responding to my order said they had had to do the same on another model.

A decade and half later, I had to do the same with some Microscale decals to create two Clinchfield F-5's and two GP-7's. These are grey with yellow trim and stenciling. If you are not familiar with the CRR diesels, their paint scheme included parallel yellow horizontal stripes which on F-units follow the riveted batten strips. All I can say is thank goodness for "Opti-Visor. The success with the boxcar gave me confidence that it would work with the diesels.

Bill Welch

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