Re: Hercules Powder tankcar et al.

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

I stand corrected! I was far more familiar with the smaller chlorine cars.

Elden Gatwood

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Gatwood, Elden wrote:
Some of the other cars are also painted as liquid chlorine cars,
whioch was also not shipped in big 105's, AFAIK.
The only one that seemed plausible, but I have no proof of this
application, is the (Barrett?) anhydrous car, which product was
shipped in big pressurized tanks.
You're right, Elden, as tank cars are just like covered
hoppers: they are sized to conform to the density of their intended cargo,
for any particular truck capacity (50 tons, 70 tons, etc.). But chlorine was
usually shipped in 10,500 gallon cars, only 5 percent smaller than the
11,000-gallon LPG cars, and hardly a glaring difference. Anhydrous ammonia
was shipped in several large sizes of tank cars, including 11,000 gallons.

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