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william darnaby

Thanks Richard and to the rest of you who replied.  It was not the answer I was hoping for as I had already made up my mind that all I had to do is replace the four cross-bearers with two....a simple task with styrene.  I would not have imagined that the B4 would have a different arrangement than the B3 and B5.  In just playing with parts it looks as though I will have to lengthen or move the brake lever slot....maybe not such a bad deal after all.
Bill Darnaby

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Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 5:48 PM

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I am assembling a Sunshine SAL XM-1 box, kit 91.9 and it would seem 
that the UF is incorrect.  The SAL used a non-standard fish-belly 
UF which the model does have.  However, it is cast with a pair of 
cross-bearers, one under each door post, which prevents the brake 
cylinder from lining up with the lever slot in the UF.  In fact, if 
one were modeling the KC brake version it would be impossible to 
mount the combined cylinder and reservoir.  The photos in the 
instructions and those in RP Cyc #18 are muddy and dark in this 
area.  But if one squints closely as the photos it appears that 
there is only one cross-bearer centered centered under the door.   
This would make sense as there are some sill rivets under the door 
that would otherwise do nothing and this arrangement would allow 
mounting of the brake cylinder, especially the KC.  Anybody have 
better photos that show this or other evidence?
Bill, I'm sending you two detail shots of SAL B4s which clearly show 
two crossbearers aligned with the edges of the door opening.  They 
clearly show the locations of the AB valve and reservoir but not, 
unfortunately, the cylinder.  I'm also sending a detail shot of a B5 
which clearly shows a single crossbearer centered under the door 
openings.  It clearly shows the location of the AB reservoir though, 
again, not the cylinder.  So apparently the kit underframe is correct 
for the B4s with wood doors but not for the B5s with corrugated steel 

Richard Hendrickson

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