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I used to work for Hercules. They were formed around 1905 by the break-up of DuPont's monopoly on explosives. They made gunpowder, blasting powder, dynamite and other explosives. During WW II they operated several explosive/ammunition plants for the Government. After the war they became involved in the rocket industry and were still making them until they were sold/spun-off/bought out by Alliant TechSystems post-1989. They also had large industrial chemical and plastics businesses. I think now they just make specialty chemicals.

. . . And further looking finds this article mentiong some business areas and chemicals:


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From: Gatwood, Elden J SAD

I had done some research on Hercules Powder and predecessors some time ago,
and had only been able to find out info that they made industrial solvents
and resins, most or all of which was shipped in either 103's or 104's. I am
unaware of any pressurized tanks they had painted, or products that would
have required same.

Some of the other cars are also painted as liquid chlorine cars, whioch was
also not shipped in big 105's, AFAIK.

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