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In Hamilton, Ontario, in January, 1991, I took a photo of UTLX 91624, shown as "BLT 5 71". But a stencil under the car number says "UTC 7 51". Capacity stencilled on the end of the tank is given as "10 987 GAL US". This car seems very similar to the Atlas HO ICC-105 tank car.

This car number shows as part of series 91000 to 93999 in the January, 1953 ORER.

Steve Lucas.

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I had done some research on Hercules Powder and predecessors some time
and had only been able to find out info that they made industrial
and resins, most or all of which was shipped in either 103's or
104's. I am
unaware of any pressurized tanks they had painted, or products that
have required same.

Some of the other cars are also painted as liquid chlorine cars,
whioch was
also not shipped in big 105's, AFAIK.

The only one that seemed plausible, but I have no proof of this
is the (Barrett?) anhydrous car, which product was shipped in big
From the Bob's Photo collection is a photo of GATX 75794 leased to
Hercules Powder Company. taken in El Centro, California on Jan. 1,
1955. The car was built by General American 9-54 and has lettering
"Anhydrous Ammonia Only." It's an ICC-105A300W and appears to be 11,000
gal. capacity. The car is lettered in similar fashion to the UTLX model
94995 Atlas has on their web site except the Hercules graphic is below
the hand railing.

Regarding the Atlas new offerings, three models represent cars
11,000-gallon ICC-105A cars built by ACF in the early 1950s and might
be considered "reasonably close" depending on such details as the
number of steel sheets used to construct the jacket, brake arrangement
variations, incorrect type of running boards (should be Apex), etc.

BMX 10111, series 10101-10125, lot 3640, built 1952. I don't have a
photo from this series to compare to the model.
FOKX 986, series 986-995, lot 3915, built 6-52. There were 10
additional cars BAOX 976-985. Prototype cars had 7-section jackets vs.
6 on the model.
RTCX 5310, series 5301-5310, lot 3952, built 12-52. There were 50
additional cars in the lot, RTCX 5251-5300 lettered for Texas Natural
Gasoline Corp. Prototype cars had 6-section jackets like the model.
UTLX 94614 for lease to Anchorgas. I cannot confirm this car. They were
not built by AC&F.
UTLX 94995 for lease to Hercules Powder Co. I cannot confirm this car.
They were not built by AC&F.
SACX 1109, series 990-1119, lot 3764, built 6-52. Prototype cars were
10,500 gal. for chlorine, not 11,000 as represented by the model.
SPX 8816, series 8776-8825, lot 4062, built 4-53. Prototype cars were
10,500 gal. for chlorine, not 11,000 as represented by the model.

Ed Hawkins

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