Re: Hercules Powder tankcar et al.

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 19, 2010, at 10:19 PM, Steve Lucas wrote:

In Hamilton, Ontario, in January, 1991, I took a photo of UTLX 91624,
shown as "BLT 5 71". But a stencil under the car number says "UTC 7
51". Capacity stencilled on the end of the tank is given as "10 987
GAL US". This car seems very similar to the Atlas HO ICC-105 tank car.

This car number shows as part of series 91000 to 93999 in the
January, 1953 ORER.
The 91000-series UTLX tank cars were nearly 4' longer than the
equivalent 11,000-gallon ICC 105A cars built by AC&F beginning in 1947.
The tank diameter was correspondingly smaller than on the cars built by

There was a relatively low number of 11,000-gallon 105A tank cars built
by AC&F and sold to the Union Tank Line that could possibly "match" the
Atlas model. Four orders were very small quantities. Given the large
quantities of UTLX cars that were often built in a given order, these
small quantities make no sense to me unless UTLX bought cars that were
originally ordered by someone else and then the orders were cancelled
after the cars were already in production. Perhaps UTLX got a "good
deal" price from AC&F that was too good to pass up. Each of the
following 5 orders were ACF-design cars having 38'-5" long underframes
(measured to end sills).

96263-96272, 10 cars, lot 3169, 2-48
96291-96297, 7 cars, lot 3225, 7-48
99273-99274, 2 cars, lot 3384, 11-48
96275-96276, 2 cars, lot 3356, 11-48
96412-96461, 50 cars, lot 3748, 6-52

Incidentally, the lot 3748 order was the final UTLX order from AC&F
during the 1950s. Subsequent UTLX tank cars built during the 1950s were
by by the company at their own shops.

In 1947-1949 UTLX received 2,400 cars built by AC&F to UTLX design with
underframe length of 42'-3" between end sills.

92000-93199, 1,200 cars, lot 3263, 5-48
93800-93999, 200 cars, lot 3263B, ca. 1949
98195-98899, 705 cars, lot 3085, 5-47
99223-99322, 100 cars, lot 3263A, ca. 1948 or 1949
99400-99499, 100 cars, lot 3103, 7-47
99905-99999, 95 cars, lot 3085, 5-47

A photo from the Charles Winters collection of UTLX 94751 shows an
11,000-gallon, ICC 105A300W, 42'-3"-long, propane car built 9-54 and
lettered for Anchorgas. The car displays similar graphics to the Atlas
model of URTX 94614 shown on their web site. However, the Atlas model
is a bogus representation of the prototype UTLX-design cars of this
type. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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