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Gary Roe


I agree with Steve on the uniformity being the key. The HO Scale club I
belong to does not weigh to NMRA Specs, rather something a bit lighter, due
to our grades. We very seldom have any trouble due to weight issues.

On a related note, the Jul/Aug issue of N Scale Railroading magazine had an
article about a test performed by Brian Morgan on all the different wheel
sets for N Scale equipment. I expected to see that metal wheelsets rolled
better than plastic ones, and his test bore this out......on new wheels.
Once he had run them for 1000 scale miles (he said he had a lot of time),
the metal wheelsets rollability dropped off quite a bit, while the
Micro-Trains plastic low profile wheelsets hardly dropped off at all.

gary roe
quincy, illinois


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The semi-scale wheels are still to NMRA RP-25 specs, so their treads still
occupy the same surface area on the rails as Code 110 wheelsets. I think
that what we're seeing is better rolling wheelsets because of the
near-universal use of metal wheelsets by STMFC modellers, and the improved
quality of the needlepoint axle ends on them.

As for car weight, I've read from several sources that opine that
consistency in weight is important, not slavish adherance to NMRA specs.

Steve Lucas.

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With the growing use of semi-scale wheel sets and their improved rolling
characteristics, has anyone done any research or have an opinion on the
suggested weight of model freight cars?
I thought I had heard one opinion that the the NMRA RP for car weight are
somewhat heavy for today's better rolling models.
Pierre Oliver

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