Re: model car weight

Tim O'Connor


A lot of factors influence performance - metal or plastic, sintered or
machined metal, machined brass or machined nickel silver, dirt or oil on
the track, pointed or shoulder journals, fat taper or narrow taper, metal
or abs or delrin sideframes, equalized vs nonequalized, sprung or unsprung...
But all else being equal, my experience is that metal wheels outlast and
outperform plastic wheels by a huge margin in HO scale. If you think about
the physics of wheels on rails, the weight of an N scale car per square
centimeter of rail contact is far less than it is for HO scale cars, so
direct performance comparisons are not meaningful between N and HO scales
(or between HO and O, or O scale and 1:1)

Then add car weight variability to all that to really confuddle things!

Tim O'Connor

On a related note, the Jul/Aug issue of N Scale Railroading magazine had an
article about a test performed by Brian Morgan on all the different wheel
sets for N Scale equipment. I expected to see that metal wheelsets rolled
better than plastic ones, and his test bore this out......on new wheels.
Once he had run them for 1000 scale miles (he said he had a lot of time),
the metal wheelsets rollability dropped off quite a bit, while the
Micro-Trains plastic low profile wheelsets hardly dropped off at all.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

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