Re: April 18, 1955 Railway Age-A big Thank you!

Bill Welch

I wanted to thank the several people who responded to my message requesting help with Railway Age and Gary Roe who was able to send me a PDF of the 12 pages involved. I did not realize that there was actually a series of articles, all of which will be especially helpful in writing about the FGE-WFE-BRE mechanicals.

Here is something to think about: In the early 1950's it would have been possible to see FGE-WFE truss rod reefers coupled to FGE-WFE-BRE mechanical reefers.

This list that Mike Brock created has helped many of us through the years. Thank you Mike for your selfless efforts to create this network.

Bill Welch

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I am wondering if anyone on this list has a copy of the Railway Age from April 18, 1955. I believe the date is correct but the copy I have of the article I have is not sharp so I could be off in terms of the day of the month. The article in question is "Mechanical Cooling Pays Its Way" by C. B. Peck.

If you have a copy, or access to one, could you please contact me offline at fgexbill@... I would like to try to get a better copy of this article for my reseach.


Bill Welch

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