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Mark, Fred, and Group,

If I may, I would like to add some to Mark's response.

I have about ten cars (presently my total operational fleet) equipped with Sergent couplers and as Mark states, they work great. Because my layout is under construction and not yet in operation the experience that I have had with these cars and their couplers has been on the layouts of others. I have operated my small way freight many times without any coupler mishap. The one item that I have noticed is that operations tend to be a bit slower as one is not using the in-track magnetic ramps and also sometimes having to align the coupler manually (just like the real thing). Coupling is a good deal more realistic without the need for a good "bump" on the car being coupled to.

Overall, operations with the Sergent couplers is a very enjoyable experience.

Happy modeling... and operations,
Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Jul 21, 2010, at 6:48 PM, Mark Morgan wrote:

Work great. I have a layout at home. Put a sergent on the rear FTb and another on a RibSide Milwaukee boxcar. The Boxcar had a #58 on the other end. Ran this set for around a month. Went to change engines and forgot about the Sergent. No problems and hope to replace all with these. They look and act like the real thing.

Mark Morgan

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May I ask how the use of Sargent couplers is working out for your operating sessions?

Fred Freitas

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One party, NMRA member, told us the original weight requirements were put in place for the early trucks. Guy models the B&O in the fifties. He had quite a few articles in Railroad Model Journal.

I usually use two large nuts per boxcar. Leave one truck loose and keep the other tighter.

Prefer the semiscale wheels and sergent couplers.

Mark Morgan

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With the growing use of semi-scale wheel sets and their improved rolling characteristics, has anyone done any research or have an opinion on the suggested weight of model freight cars?

I thought I had heard one opinion that the the NMRA RP for car weight are somewhat heavy for today's better rolling models.


Pierre Oliver

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