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Greg Martin


The simple answer is that in most cases paint doesn't stick to galvanized metal. Now, saying that I know for a fact the the Rustoleum CO. made a specific primer for galvanized metal called ... yes you guessed it Galvoleum Clear Blue Tint. This primer essentially never dried to much more than a tacky surface and you painted your top coat over that, But it was very expensive even in the early seventies. But eventually even this would break down and the paint would come off but it worked much better than the alternative.

I believe that if it was even available to the railroads, I think the frame of mind was, "who cars it's going to come off anyway, so why bother?"

Greg Martin

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With all the recent talk on painting, I have here some interesting
instructions from the PRRT&HS files:

For class X29D (X29 rebuilds),

General: Car sides, door, ends and roof sheets seam caps to be painted (one
coat with synthetic freight car primer)...

And then that the entire car be painted with synthetic freight car paint.

So, why no primer on the roof sheets? Did this whole thing confuse the
shops? Apparently, because one sees box cars with painted roofs, unpainted
but for seam cap roofs, and even some coasted with asphaltum.

Standard Railroad of the World; not so fast....

Elden Gatwood

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