SHPX 13141

Peter Ness

First off, forgive me if this car is beyond the scope of the group. I
don't think it is, but perhaps the lessee may be. If so, apologies in

This car appears to be either a 10000 gallon or insulated 8000 gallon
car. The car is of interest to me for several reasons;

The photo of the car is from beyond the time of this group by about 6
years and the roadnumber lettering seems fairly "modern" to my eye (but
I am darned sure the car itself qualifies!) and it has (to me) an
interesting logo on the tank side; The logo is circular and perhaps 2/3
the diameter of the tank dome. It has a white outer trim ring with a
red band inside that, containing lettering (illegible in photo). Inside
of this red circular band with white lettering is a white circle that
contains what resembles a yacht pennant. The pennant is blue and
contains a white shape that may be an elongated diamond on the middle,
with possible more detail in this white shape. This interests me
because by the time the photo was taken it seems most leased tank cars
were becoming bland without much lessee identification, and if present
more likely to be lettering and not a flashy, colorful logo!

It's also interesting to me because the tank car immediately behind SHPX
13141 has the same logo, so there were at least two cars so painted!

Even more (to me), I've been told by a trusted source that this "may"
(operative word) have been leased by US Rubber, which was affilated wtih
Naugatuck Chemical, which was located on the New Haven Railroad, which I

In the best of all worlds, someone could confirm for me that SHPX 13141
fits within the era of this group, who leased it with the fancy logo
which is also within the era of this group, be able to identify the car
type and number series and wonder of wonders, perhaps share (or point me
to) a photo that clearly shows the logo. I guess all that would be left
after that would be if someone could educate me to what model would be
correct (if there is one) and who makes the decals (Ha! might as well
ask for the moon, right?)

Thanks in advance,

Peter Ness

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