Re: SHPX 13141

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 22, 2010, at 6:18 PM, Peter Ness wrote:

First off, forgive me if this car is beyond the scope of the group. I
don't think it is, but perhaps the lessee may be. If so, apologies in

This car appears to be either a 10000 gallon or insulated 8000 gallon
car. The car is of interest to me for several reasons;

SHPX 13141 was one of 53 10,000-gallon insulated ICC 103 Type 27 tank
cars built by AC&F as part of lot no. 2141A. They were used for asphalt
and assigned to series 13123-13175. All of the cars had heater pipes. A
builder's photo of 13125, built 11-40, was plainly lettered for
Shippers' Car Line without any lessee stencils. No doubt that through
the years different lessees used the cars and some with sporty

There were 17 additional cars built to the same specs (but without
heater pipes) in lot 2141, numbered 13116-13122 and 13176-13175. SHPX
13119 was the only car having a full dome platform with hand rails.
These latter 17 cars were for latex and were leased to a number of
companies in small groups painted/lettered a variety of ways for
Revertex Corp. of America, Heveatex Corp., Charles T. Wilson Co.
(liquid latex), General Latex and Chemical Corp., Wecoline Products,
and 9 cars simply lettered for Shippers' Car Line.
Ed Hawkins

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