Re: Painting whisker couplers

Mike Fortney

One can paint dozens of Kadee couplers at a time by inserting the ends into the corrugations on a straight edge of a piece of corrugated cardboard. This offers a good friction fit but not enough to harm the whiskers (not a concern with std. 58s). With the cardboard as the built-in handle, this method is too easy.

Mike Fortney

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Does anyone have a neat solution to painting whisker couplers?

For regular Kadees I fold a piece of masking tape over the shank, which effectively keeps paint off the nice slick bearing surfaces and allows me to position the set of taped couplers so as to get minimum paint on maximum surface.

I've found more and more use for whisker couplers, especially in retrofitting ones that didn't spring so well, and I have needed to paint some to go onto pre-painted cars. I'm really reluctant to wrap masking tape over the spring for fear that it'll take the spring with it, and I don't want to paint the things shank and all.

Comments? Remember that in 1960 it was perfectly permissible to paint couplers, especially the top and sides of the head, and it shows in photos. That's why I'm posting here, because others in this group might need to do so also.

Ron Merrick

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