DOWX Type 27 Tank Car modeling

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Several months ago, I embarked on an effort to find a plausible prototype to ship phenol. In Volume 3 of the Railroad Prototpe Cyclopedia are builder's photos of Dow Chemical tank cars built by AC&F in 1936. With the help of Richard Hendrickson, Ed Hawkins, the St. Louis Mercantile Library, and the St. Louis Museum of Transportation (facilitated by Mr. Hawkins), I am in the process of modifying an Intermountain Type 27 10,000 gallon kit to represent DOWX C-10341 in its as-built paint scheme -- aluminum and black as illustrated by the photos of the contemporary lots in the RP Cyc.

Jerry Glow has been gracious (and patient!) enough to produce decals for this attractive paint scheme. The artwork for the set can be seen on Mr. Glow's website at:

Subtle modifications to the Intermountain kit include backdating the running board supports to represent pressed steel and relocation/upgrade of the brake hardware. More visible modifications involve re-orientation of the dome to reposition the safety valves to one side and addition of housings for a siphon valve, air inlet valve, and a common "kidney-shaped" housing for an outlet and a pressure relief valve. The duplex heating coil system can be represented by Archer offset rivets at four points on each side where the brackets were located inside the tank. I plan to use Precision Scale steam packing glands and 0.028" wire to represent the four 2" steam pipe inlets/outlets and flanges on the A-end of the tank.

Another detail of which I was unaware -- until Mr. Hawkins brought it to my attantion -- was a set of "mudguards". These were sheet metal sections attached to the underframe over the wheels.

I wish to thank all of those who have helped me along with this rather personal project.

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville, NJ

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