Re: Painting whisker couplers


Half the time, I do that. And you're right, I can manage to avoid getting paint stuck in the bearing most of the time, and a little exercising takes care of it if it happens. Most people probably realize it's not the knuckle spring that is critical.

I was thinking of canned spray paint such as Floquil or Scalecoat, which I prefer if it's a normal color that I need. Depends on the number of pairs of couplers, also. One may get hand painted. Four, as I was doing the other night, probably would get sprayed.

It's always interesting to see the diversity of practices here.

Ron Merrick

--- In, Denny Anspach <danspach@...> wrote:

KISS. Pick up coupler by the shank in left hand, pick up brush in
right hand, dip tip of brush into paint, and apply. Two nanoseconds.
No masking is required, and by the time the spray booth would have
been otherwise set up, etc. etc., or the worries about bending the
whiskers would have been rationalized, the average modeler will have
had all of his couplers already painted, and will have moved on to
more interesting things (:-).

Now, this does require some skill and judgment to not gum up the works
with thick paint, but in this community of pretty dedicated kit
builders and operators, I presume that such manual efforts would not
be scorned.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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