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I would be interested in an undec product offering of these
As undec versions are on in decline, those of us who desire
this should make TLT folks aware of our market interest.
TLT was not usually interested in doing undecs.
I did an interesting experiment. I bought unlettered CN & CP cabooses from them at dealer price. MRSP was $45. I then tried to resell, including a decal set (3 different schemes)for less than MSRP price.
- Trying to encourage people to use decals-.
This spring there were regular RTR cabooses at Calgary train show for less than I paid. Why would they buy from me? The market told me that 99.9% of the people would rather have a RTR car than a unique number. If you want to reletter your going to have to remove the old lettering.
I declined to do the same with boxcars.
Ya wanna buy a CN caboose with no paint or lettering to remove?
Allen Ferguson
Black Cat Publishing

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