Re: SHPX 13141

Eric Hansmann

--- Donald Ford wrote:

I read your post about CT and Paniesville and Fraiport Harbor and the Western
Let me add that area is also known as the "Fire Lands" because after the
revelution that area was granted to the people from CT that were burned out by
the British during the war. Just some bit of info I picked up alonge the way.


You are correct in part of your description of The Firelands, but the area encompassed only the western-most counties of the Western Reserve; those counties west of Lorain County.

The entire Western Reserve hosted a network of railroads during the steam era. PRR, NYC, B&O, NKP, ERIE, and W&LE owned large fleets of freight cars that served the industrial scene. It has been fascinating to discover details on a very small portion of this network that came together in Newburgh, Ohio just south of Cleveland.

Hopefully I'll meet Peter sometime soon as he seems to live about 40 miles north of me and we can trade freight car building ideas.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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