Re: Meat Reefer usage

Dave Nelson

AFAIK, on west coast the slaughter houses tended not to be the big Midwest
packers but local businesses. What you'd find were distribution houses for
Swift, Cudhay, Mather, Kingan, etc.

On a slightly different angle, what about military bases? In Oakland CA.
the routine needs of the entire Pacific fleet was stocked in dozens of
warehouses, including a very large, multi-story, windowless, concrete
coldhouse. Would one have seen all sorts of meat reefers there, just one
(the house w/ the Navy contract), or cars owned by the Navy?

Same question for any large military base.

Dave Nelson

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In the 50's the population base (ie customers) was
still the north east, there were hungry folks everywhere. And while LA, San
Francisco and Portland OR had slaughter operations,
most meat was still coming out of the mid-west, ie Chicago, Omaha, Kansas
City, Sioux City, etc.

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