Re: Milwaukee convention report

Clark Propst

Friday afternoon when we were getting to the escalators to the show room a couple guys were getting off that were unmistakably closet vesties. Maybe it was the pins on their hats?

Thought the show was more like "Trainfest". Not near as large as the shows of the late last century when we had three conventions round here in a row.

F&C didn't have the car I wanted to buy (C&O DD box) Westerfield had a display model of a neat CB&Q SS box, but no models for sale. Sunshine and Speedwitch were no shows. The only car I bought for myself was a ATSF IM WE RTR car that was discounted because of a paint blemish. We did stock up on the special Athearn "Airslide" run 'Lombard Hobbies' had done with CGW lettering.

'True Scale' had a nice looking 'mini-box displayed.

Clark Propst

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