Re: Rapido Trains' freight model announcement at National Train Show?

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Sorry for the delay in answering Richard. Been up nortt.
You don't have to murder me. With both you and Bill saying I'll like it the suspense is killing me !

Clark Propst
Clark (and Group),
I think the car is the General American 37' wooden meat reefer. We have already determined on this list the truck is a Barber S-1, which most of these cars had; in one of the newsletters on the Rapido website, there is another hint in the form of a drawing of an Equipco 3160 brakewheel, which these cars were equipped with; and the shape and positioning of the bolster tab, sill step, and bunker drain all match photos of these cars. RP Cyc Vol. 14 has a good article on these cars if anyone wants to see for themselves.

If I am right, this is an excellent choice for Rapido. There are lots of accurate schemes that can be applied to these cars, as well as dozens more for the "close enough" crowd. And they ran from the late 30s into the 60s, at least.

If I am wrong, I guess we will still get a beautiful model of a freight car, so either way we cannot lose!

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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