Re: Meat Reefer usage

Douglas Harding

Dave interesting question about Military Supply Depots. No doubt they would have received large quantities of meat, and I would
guess arrival at the supply depots in regular meat reefers from whom ever had the military contract.

In California, of the major meat packers: Armour was in LA and San Francisco. Cudahy had a slaughter house in LA and a branch
house in San Francisco, Hormel had a slaughter house in LA and branch house in San Francisco. Swift had slaughter operations at LA
and San Francisco, Wilson had a slaughter house in LA. Plus, as you say, there were smaller or more localized meat packers as

Mather was not a meat packer, they built and leased meat reefers and stockcars.

Do you have evidence of Kingan having a branch house in California? I am always looking to add to my list.

Doug Harding

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