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Doug Harding wrote:
In California, of the major meat packers: Armour was in LA and San Francisco. Cudahy had a slaughter house in LA and a branch
house in San Francisco, Hormel had a slaughter house in LA and branch house in San Francisco. Swift had slaughter operations at LA and San Francisco, Wilson had a slaughter house in LA. Plus, as you say, there were smaller or more localized meat packers as
Doug, thanks for the summary. I remember something in all the PFE material I read, on the subject of whether PFE would accommodate the packers' request that they have more meat cars available for times of car shortage (PFE declined since traffic would have ALWAYS moved in packer cars except in the most dire conditions). It stated that some packaged and prepared meats (I'm assuming ham, sausage, etc.) came from the "main packing plants," while most cut meat and hanging meat was supplied to customers from the branch houses. Is that consistent with what you know about the meat business in, say, 1950?

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