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Thank You, Steve. My brother loves the AT&SF. I appreciate it and model the B&O. I plan to send it to him.

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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I have posted in the Member's Only section of the Santa Fe Society website a pdf copy of SFRD Circular No. 2-J, Rules and Regulations Governing the Handling of Perishable Freight, December 15, 1941. The first few pages are ATSF specific. The vast majority of the publication is Circular 20-B of the National Perishable Freight Committee and applies to virtually all railroads. It totals 135 pages and is all about ice reefers, this is prior to mechanical reefers.

Since some of you are not ATSF society members, I am also posting it temporarily at If you want it, download it - 7MB of it. I don't plan on leaving it on my website as it takes up too much space. If the STMFC site would like to host it, you have my permission to capture it and post it.


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I don't think that many know about these circulars. I won one from 1948 on Ebay cheap--I was the only bidder. Full name for it was "Circular No. 20-C, Code of Rules for Handling Perishable Freight". 21 pages of fine print, covering everything one would want to know about what reefers could carry and how to protect their loads.

Mine spent quite awhile in the convenient magazine rack in the bathroom. Just lots of neat info!

Brian Leppert

Carson City, NV

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> There have been frequent and long discussions here on the subjects

> of refrigerated freight, their cars, companies, routes, and destinations. I can't recall the mention of the National Perishable

> Freight Committee

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