Re: Painting whisker couplers

Schuyler Larrabee

If you are using rubber or vinyl gloves while painting (and if not, why
not?) it's really easy to hold each one and airbrush it. The corrugated
cardboard idea is good if you don't stick them in too far, because you do
want to paint a short piece of the shanks behind the head.

Rather than use the dry graphite that Kadee sells, I use a soft Eagle
"Draughting" pencil, an artist's sketching pencil, and simply rub the box,
the clip on cover if I'm actually using the Athearn thing, and the coupler
shank with it, which applies a coating of graphite which isn't going
anywhere. However, since I operate a yard on a regular basis I have to
disagree with Ron Merrick's comment:

Most people probably realize it's not the knuckle spring that is critical.

It's just as critical as the centering spring, and at times more so, if you
actually use the delayed uncoupling trick.


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