Re: Meat Reefer usage

Douglas Harding

Tony, yes I think that would be consistent with the 50's.

There were two kinds of meat packing plants, those that did just slaughtering and those that slaughtered and processed meat, what
we call value added product today. The Decker Meat Plant in Mason City was a full processing facility. It slaughtered animals and
also produced a wide variety of meat products, hams, bacon, sausages as well as variety of luncheon meats and related meat
products, ie lard. These processed meat products were also called "PHP" for packing house products.

Most slaughter houses shipped the carcasses to branch houses, ie hanging meat, where the carcass was cut down into the various
chucks of meat, then shipped to grocery stores or meat markets where it was cut into steaks, chops, roasts, loins, etc. The branch
house would also function as a whole sale warehouse, where butchers, restaurants, grocery chains would purchase carcasses for
their own business use.

Doug Harding

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