Kingan in San Francisco

Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>


Kingan did indeed have a San Francisco operation, but on the SP, not the WP (though it is in the WP shippers guide). It was located at 4th & Townsend, and had a capacity of three cars. The commodity received was "PHP" or packing house products.

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On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 11:05:08 -0700
"Dave Nelson" <Lake_Muskoka@...> wrote:
My recollection is there was a Kingan branch house in San Francisco but I'd
have to find my WP shippers list to verify that for you and at the moment I
don't know where I've stored that.

When I typed Mather I was thinking Morrell (seems the fingers weren't paying

Dave Nelson

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