Re: Raised panel roof replacement

Bill Welch

Dear Ken

I did the pattern Ted used in his modernized LNE car using the RC X29/1923 kit and I am mystified as to which LNE kit you are referring to from Speedwitch as I think he only offers the rebuilt version with the Murphy roof.

My pattern involved narrowing a styrene Murphy roof (Branchline, with permission) and using the roof furnished with the RC kit as a base to glue it to. I am leaving out details but as to what I did to the kit roof to prepare it as a base because I am too lazy to type them.

The same roof, plus a diagonal paneled which I also did can be come in two versions of a Maine Central re-roofing. I need to redo the pattern for the CNJ rebuild.

Does this help?

Bill Welch

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I'd like to change the roof of some of my Lehigh & New England Red Caboose X-29 type cars. The last series of L&NE boxes were delivered with raised panel roofs. The original style flat roof leaked and since the LNE hauled bagged cement, better water-tight roofs were needed. I have a Speedwitch conversion kit for an older series LNE car and this started me thinking of this conversion.
The few car pictures I've seen aren't real definitive. I suppose they used a Murphy raised panel roof; these were used by other roads in that area. These roofs had the raised rectangular panels between the roof ribs.

Does anyone make a drop-in replacement roof? I'd like at least two. Thanks.

Ken O'Brien

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