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Quick Question. Do the LNE cars use the X-29 body or were they built to the ARA design? Two photos in "The Lehigh and New England Railroad" by Douglas Lilly (p 62 and 115)showing 8367 (flat end) and 8641 (dreadnaught end) both appear to show the ARA side panel placement.

The factory pained RC car I have uses the X-29 body but I think that is wrong.

John King

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Dear Ken

I did the pattern Ted used in his modernized LNE car using the RC X29/1923 kit and I am mystified as to which LNE kit you are referring to from Speedwitch as I think he only offers the rebuilt version with the Murphy roof.

My pattern involved narrowing a styrene Murphy roof (Branchline, with permission) and using the roof furnished with the RC kit as a base to glue it to. I am leaving out details but as to what I did to the kit roof to prepare it as a base because I am too lazy to type them.

The same roof, plus a diagonal paneled which I also did can be come in two versions of a Maine Central re-roofing. I need to redo the pattern for the CNJ rebuild.

Does this help?

Bill Welch

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I'd like to change the roof of some of my Lehigh & New England Red Caboose X-29 type cars. The last series of L&NE boxes were delivered with raised panel roofs. The original style flat roof leaked and since the LNE hauled bagged cement, better water-tight roofs were needed. I have a Speedwitch conversion kit for an older series LNE car and this started me thinking of this conversion.
The few car pictures I've seen aren't real definitive. I suppose they used a Murphy raised panel roof; these were used by other roads in that area. These roofs had the raised rectangular panels between the roof ribs.

Does anyone make a drop-in replacement roof? I'd like at least two. Thanks.

Ken O'Brien

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