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Well, Speedwitch offers them with their MEC re-roofed kits, but I don't know if Ted would sell them separately. You'll need new ends, too. Red Caboose doesn't offer the ARA body with dreadnaught ends, and the dreadnaught ends they do on the X29 body wouldn't be correct anyway. They're 3-3 inverse dreadnaughts, while the LNE cars used 4-4 dreadnaughts.

Tom Madden

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Gentlemen, thank you for your inputs. The LNE series that Speedwitch does is the 8201-8500 panel end cars. The railroad put raised, diagonal panel roofs on these cars in the late 1940's. I have one of these very nice models. Can't wait to pitch in to this one.

The series I want to replicate is the 8501-8750 cars with Dreadnaught ends and Standard Improved (raised panel?) roofs, purchased in 1934. These bodies were the ARA pattern, which I understand Red Caboose still does as an undec kit. I see this kit comes with a flat panel roof, so I want to get some replacement raised non-diagonal panel roofs. Are they made by somebody and can I get a couple?

Ken O'Brien

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