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Thanks. I will keep my eyes open for the correct ones when visiting hobby shops. They apparantly have done the red cars both ways. The kit I have is RC-7014-4 and, unfortunately, it is done on the X-29 body with no patch panels. My plan was to buy one of the Speedwitch kits for the decals, use a flat roof from another kit and paint it in the red color.

John King

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The LNE 8001-8500 series used the 1923 ARA side pattern. Red Caboose
did these correctly as unmodified cars. Later Red Caboose released
"patched" cars in black LNE billboard paint, but the patched RC body
uses the X29 side pattern so it is incorrect for LNE 8001-8500.

According to a Greg Bartek email of 11/12/2005 (RPM-Forum] not all of
the flat-roof cars received replacement roofs. But I haven't seen any
photos of flat-roof cars in the 1950's, yet.

Tim O'Connor

You are correct Tom. I have too many models in my head. Regardless the correct roof
is available with Speedwitch's kit. I am not sure if LNE used the X29 or "1923" style
of body but I am sure the Speedwitch kit has the correct part.

The MEC kit comes with a choice of roofs.

Bill Welch

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