Re: Grand Truck Western (GTW) Box Cars

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Staffan Ehnbom wrote:
I think I got stuck on the '37 date thinking that to be a 10'0 inside height car. I guess the 10'6 inside height indicates it is a modified '37 built in the very late thirties or early forties. But the 5/5 early dreadnaught ends and diagonal panel roof seems to be a bit of an unusual combination too. I have a hunch improved dreadnaught ends came a bit earlier than the diagonal roof panels. In this case perhaps the car received new roof panels at rebuilding?
Yes, Staffan, IIRC the diagonal panel roof was introduced early in 1949, the improved Dreadnaught end in 1944 (though not universal in construction until about 1946). Someone may have exact dates. I'm not sure when the W-corner post end first was used, but the AAR modified the 1937 box car in 1940 to include this end. So a sharp-cornered Dreadnaught end with a DP roof would certainly seem to indicate rebuilding.

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