Raised panel roof replacements

Andy Carlson

Greetings, fellow STMFC'ers....

If anyone is interested, I have a Red Caboose #7003 kit, and I have a Red Caboose '37 AAR roof, and a pair of 4/4 EDE (ends). The roof is a tad too wide, I would consider a lengthwise cut down the middle, the kerf may be enough material removal to allow a good fit to the RC body.The ends seem to right sized in both height and width.

$21.00, includes shipping. contact me off-list at <midcentury@sbcglobal.net>
-Andy Carlson

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Gentlemen, Thank you all for the inputs and re-directing me on the ends. Looks like the Red Caboose 7003 body will do the correct sides for the 8501-8750 series. I also see that Detail Associates makes a pretty close 4/5 Dreadnaught end for me. Hope its close to the correct height.


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Ken, Red Caboose does/did sell their roofs separately. So, order some when you order the kit. I believe Detail West still makes a square corner 4/4 DE that should come close to fitting on the RC body.

Gentleman, Start your chainsaws ! It's time to whack and hack !!
Clark Propst

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The series I want to replicate is the 8501-8750 cars with Dreadnaught ends and Standard Improved (raised panel?) roofs, purchased in 1934. These bodies were the ARA pattern, which I understand Red Caboose still does as an undec kit. I see this kit comes with a flat panel roof, so I want to get some replacement raised non-diagonal panel roofs. Are they made by somebody and can I get a couple?

Ken O'Brien

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