Heinz pickle salting stations

Richard Townsend

In going through Colorado & Southern AFE's at the Colorado RR Museum in Golden I came across a March 22, 1951 AFE (#11596) authorizing construction of a 260-foot spur to serve a new Heinz salting station in Windsor, CO. The cost was $2,211. The AFE says, "The H.J. Heinz Company has several pickle salting stations located on the C&S and the establishment of this new station will result in the shipment of approximately 25 additional cars per year over the C&S - CB&Q lines."

I know of a couple of Libby's salting stations (one in Fort Collins, and one in Loveland), but no other Heinz salting stations. Does someone have a list of Heinz salting stations that would show where (and when) the others on the C&S were located?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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