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Aley, Jeff A

It is my personal opinion that Delano's photos all have an unusual "cast" to them; they all appear to be slightly dark. It's one of those things that makes it easy to spot a Delano photo.

Because of this, I personally would not rely on them as a reference for colors, but would try to find other sources.



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Good Evening,

Let's change colors.

I have a Chooch Ultra Scale kit of the MKT single sheathed car in Sloan Yellow:

Shorpy has a Jack Delano Kodachrome of a similar car (not 7/7 ribs tho like the Chooch car) in Sloan Yellow in Galewood in 1943:

What sayeth STMFC about the color of the Shorpy car? Could it be Sloan yellow that has faded white and took on road grime in that short of a time since the car would have been repainted?

Or is it color shift or correction of the original?

Any and all help is appreciated!


Rob Mondichak

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