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One thing i have found is that tack boards on steel cars tend to be to the right of the center loading doors, mounted high. Still not sure why they are missing on steel cars ends.
Fred Freitas

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I've seen a few cars with "DO NOT HUMP" placards on these placard boards. But again, this never was an issue with a reefer...

Reminds me of that cartoon in MR years ago--"He spotted a reefer at the stock pen? And with the ice hatches open!" ;)

Steve Lucas.

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A friend is building one of those URTX flat ended reefers with the double door latch bars and noticed the photos show no end tack boards. He asked why. I noticed some time ago that Armour PCX cars didn't have them either.

Next question. What was the purpose of the end tack boards?

Clark Propst
That's a good question. Somewhere I recall seeing a drawing (which I can't find with just a cursory search) that called these "explosives card boards". And really, other than "unload other end " cards for cars with end doors, I can't think of another use. The AAR, of course, recommended their application, and I suppose that a reefer without them could not be legally loaded with explosives, since the car could not be properly placarded. Then again, If you are the reefer's owner, maybe this is a good thing :-)


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