"Railway Locomotives and Cars" publication: issues Sept-Oct-Nov 1956

Bill Welch

I have a three-part set of reprints that I gleaned digitally from a Fruit Growers Express file from one of the archives I have visited. The articles first appeared in something called "Railway Locomotives and Cars" in Sept., Oct., and Nov. 1956.

It appears that I am missing at least one page of the first article, "What's in Today's Mechanical Reefer" which presumably would have been in the September issue.

Additionally there are several pages with photos, illustrations, etc that are a part of the reprint but since none of the pages are numbered, it is not precisely clear which of these pages go with each article.

I am wondering if someone on this list may have one or more issues of the publication or a copy of the reprint that can help both complete it and reassemble it in the proper order. Please contact me offline if you can assist: fgexbill@...


Bill Welch

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