Re: CA and brass

Bill Welch

I am not sure I agree Mike in terms of it being a flaw in the kit or even its engineering. One of the issues in having models that are designed to move or operate vs. static models is that fine detail to be accurate is sometimes vulnerable. Because the door stops are undercut they would be difficult to cast on the body. To me being a modeler is re-engineering where necessary to maintain detail yet preserve or create strength where necessary.

Pinning those parts on took less time to do than to describe or talk about.

Bill Welch

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Bill Welch says:

On F&C's beautiful SP/T&NO 50-ft DD SS boxcar, the door stops looked very
vulnerable to me so I pinned them at their location.>

There's a reason why they look vulnerable. A flaw...IMO...for this car. If
you need some more door stops, during the Thursday op session of Prototype
Rails 2011, you might want to look along the right of way...

Mike Brock

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