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Howdy y'all,

Richard was kind enough to send me two JPEGS, and these are now posted to
the FILES area in a folder called "Pittsburgh Reefers". The first of these
scans seemed to develope some funny lines across it when I rotated it 90
degrees and saved it (over the old file, of course) - Richard, could you
resend me Pgh_Yard_1.jpg and I'll try to get a cleaner copy posted.

Great info in these two scans - you might even pull off some car #s!
Combine that with a look through Sunshine's all time list of cars from the
files area, plus a look through Westerfield, IM, and others and I might
just have the makings of a fleet.

BTW, Greg Martin made the point in answering this question over on the PRR
list that reefer traffic would vary with the season...for example, the
Northeast would not get too many Norhtwest apples, due to production in
N.Y. and that navel oranges were a fall harvest while valencias were a
spring harvest, and most Northeast citrus probably came from Florida.

Happy Rails

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